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Digital Media Solutions

  • Digital media is simply the delivery device of the communication between two people connected through computers.Those computers could be desktops, laptops, mobile devices, gaming platforms or servers.

  • The Internet is a vast global system that links computer networks. People began taking to the Internet for government, commercial, educational, social, etc. purposes giving rise to digital media.

  • By being able to connect with this growing amount of information, people were able to hear from multiple sources and to make it more personal by posting their own views’.

  • Now publishing and blogging has become so easy that millions of people are able to post onto the internet creating a large amount of websites and information. As new people join the Internet, the amount of information viewed and provided expands.

  • Digital media products can be found in:

    • Social media

    • eCommerce

    • Games – console, online and mobile

    • Websites and mobile applications

    • Animation

    • Videos

    • Augmented reality

    • Virtual reality

    • Data visualization

    • Location-based services

    • Interactive Storytelling